Spoonerisms in English Language

ShareTweetSharePin0 Shares Spoonerisms in English Language has been explained here. What is a spoonerism? A spoonerism is the transposition of the initial sounds of two or more words, as in sons of toil in place of tons of soil. It happens because of the slip of the tongue and a very common phenomenon in our […]

Pangrams in English Language

ShareTweetSharePin0 Shares Pangrams in English Language   In this article you will find what Pangrams in English Language are. A pangram, or holoalphabetic sentence is the one which contains every letter of the alphabet at least once. Pangrams are generally used to display typefaces and develop skills in handwriting, calligraphy, and keyboarding.   For example […]

Palindromes in English Language

ShareTweetSharePin0 Shares    COMMON PALINDROMES IN ENGLISH   What are palindromes?             A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or a sentence which can be meaningfully read in either direction.   Examples of Palindromes   madam – a word never odd or even – a phrase 10801 – a number step on no pets […]