Common Phobias in English

ShareTweetSharePin0 Shares Post Views: 1,155 About Phobia Common Phobias in English – A phobia is an abnormal and extreme fear of a particular thing or situation, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained. Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder and causes significant distress. People who have phobia will experience an intense fear of a […]

Wedding Anniversaries

Share37TweetSharePin37 Shares Post Views: 1,120     Wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the day on which wedding has taken place. Since the marriage is a major significant and most sacred event in everybody’s life, the essence of true relationship and the joy of togetherness for the number of years they spent is shared and […]

Reduplicatives in English

ShareTweetSharePin22 Shares Post Views: 1,013     Reduplication is a word-formation process in which the base word is repeated exactly or with a partial change of a vowel or a consonant. These words are also called ‘echo words’. Reduplicatives  never go alone but hand in hand and appear always in pairs. In reduplicatives, the pair […]

Idioms in English

ShareTweetSharePin0 Shares Post Views: 1,221     Idioms in English Every language has its own peculiar native expressions which seem to be difficult to the non-native speakers. These expressions in English Language are otherwise called idioms which normally have figurative meaning but not literal meaning.  The words used to frame the idiomatic expressions do not […]

List of Competitive Exams for Students

Share32TweetSharePin133 Shares Post Views: 2,018 List of Competitive Exams for school students in India Here you will get a comprehensive and useful list of competetive exams for school students in India. It is needless to say that the present generation children are in cut-throat competitive world.  Mere bookish based classroom curriculum does not help them […]

One Word Substitutions in English

Share32TweetSharePin32 Shares Post Views: 1,029     One word substitutions in English are a part and parcel of the vocabulary.  These are used to replace a group of words or a full sentence in the most succinct manner. We see in our daily life how important it is to speak briefly and write precisely. With […]

Co-Scholastic Activities

ShareTweetSharePin0 Shares Post Views: 2,035 Co-Scholastic Activities for School Students to develop Life Skills, Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Attitudes and Values, “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviour. Keep your behaviour positive, because your behaviour becomes your habits. Keep your […]

How to Read Long Words in English

Share28TweetSharePin129 Shares Post Views: 2,603   How to Read Long Words in English   How to read long words in English has been explained here. Long words in English Language are called sesquipedalian words (long or polysyllabic) and still longer words are described as hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian words. Most of these long words in English are technical […]

A List of Important Days – National and International

ShareTweetSharePin0 Shares Post Views: 1,005 A List of Important Days – National and International This is a comprehensive list of the most important days – date and month wise.  It is highly useful to the students and teachers in schools and colleges.  In the section of General Awareness, it will also be helpful to the […]

International Life Skills Olympiad (ILSO) 2018-19

ShareTweetSharePin0 Shares Post Views: 1,006 Today’s children – the young citizens of 21st century, need a whole range of Critical Life Skills to lead and manage their future. In view of this, International Life Skills Olympiad (ILSO) has been launched by Skillizen Learning Foundation, a Singapore Headquartered Global Socio-Educational Company.  It is the World’s 1st […]